Celebrate the Spring in Our Step Linky–and Giveaway!

Spring Step Giveaway Graphic

Happy Spring! Do the colors in this Spring in Our Step linky feel like spring has truly sprung? They sure do to me, and I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing giveaway hosted by Inspired Owls’ Corner and PAWSitively Teaching. I’m looking forward to reading over everyone’s posts to see all the [Read more…]

Sunday Scoop {3.29}


Let’s hear it for Sunday! This week it was a long time in coming to get here. I imagine it has something to do with the pending full moon and fast-approaching spring break. It’s almost April. Yay! I know the ladies linking up with the TeachingTrio’s Sunday Scoop linky are as happy it’s Sunday as [Read more…]

Five for Friday: {Sweet Easter Treats Edition}


  Happy Friday, all. Even better, happy spring Friday. The sun is coming up sooner and the crocuses are shooting up through the soil…looks like the season is changing here after a long winter! Doodle Bugs Teaching and her awesome linky have some terrific posts to share in the blogger world. I hope you have time [Read more…]

Sunday Scoop {3.22}


Hi all! Happy warm, spring Sunday Here’s hoping that where ever you may be, the sun is shining. Time for spring! This is my first official post from my freshly updated blog. I am going to miss my Blogspot design because it was so stinkin’ cute, but Blogger just didn’t want to cooperate with the [Read more…]

So Glad You’re Here!

Thanks for stopping by! If you’ve known me at my www.MorrowInTheMiddle.blogspot.com address, thanks times two. I really appreciate readers taking the time to come over to my new digs (In that case, you’ll want to update your browser bookmarks to reflect this address: www.MorrowInTheMiddle.com, as I am here permanently and will not be going back [Read more…]

March 10: National Ranch Dressing Day


Is there a school cafeteria that doesn’t go through gallons of ranch dressing each day? Maybe it’s because I usually walked home each day for lunch in high school, or because I like my pizza to taste like, well, pizza, but I never picked up the ‘dousing everything with ranch dressing’ lunch tradition I see [Read more…]

Sunday Scoop {3.8}


My original first line was, “good morning, everyone”….then I remembered we were the victims of Daylight Savings Time and the whole clock-forward thing last night. So, I’ll correct myself and wish you a Happy Sunday instead. I really get a kick out of linking up with the fab ladies at TeachingTrio for this each week. [Read more…]

Five for Friday {Freebie Edition}


It’s been an oddly busy week around here. Maybe because the sunlight lasts longer? Or the temperatures haven’t started with a negative sign? It’s hard to be sure, but one thing is absolute: I get a kick out of browsing all the linkies on Fridays through the Doodlebugs‘ Five for Friday linky party. I’ve gotten [Read more…]

March 6: National Oreo Day


Do you dunk? Do you twist? Or do you just bite down the middle? For over 100 years (hard to believe!), the quandary of how to eat an Oreo the ‘right’ way has confounded kids and adults alike. Whether you’re selfish or share (I eat the yummy middle and share the cookie with Miss O!), [Read more…]