Plan With Me Sundays {6.28.15}


First off, please forgive my dated faux pas. I wrote this last week and can’t change the title…but planner planning is planning! I often comment on how the universe seems to know what you’re looking for before you do–and in this case, I’m totally right. I think my newfound love of all things planner is [Read more…]

July Pick 3 Pinterest Linky {Planner Freebies Edition}

July Pinterest Slide

Happy July, everyone! I think it’d be a whole lot happier if we had more sunshine than rain here in Ohio, but you can’t have it all, can you? Let’s hope your plans for celebrating Independence Day tomorrow are full of sunlight, fun and memories…and not raindrops! You may have noticed I’m a little planner-obsessed [Read more…]

Monday Made It: Free Printable Journal Edition


If school year Mondays were as easy-going as summer Mondays, the world would be a better place, I think! Hope you’re enjoying your summer break for however long it may last. I know I’ve gotten so much accomplished both personally and in my prep for the upcoming school year in just the last few weeks. [Read more…]

Sunday Scoop {6.28.15}


As I popped open the laptop to put this post together for the Teaching Trio’s linky, a miraculous thing happened here at Starbucks in Columbus…the SUN came out. I had to shout it to be sure you heard, because it’s been missing-in-action for several days. As I look west, the cloud cover is getting thinner and [Read more…]

Get Fit Friday {6.26.15}


Another Friday, another moment to pause, check in and see where we’ve been this week… So where have *you* been in your quest to get fit? I am happy to say that I’ve taken the quest seriously this week and am ready to show and tell… I nailed a daily workout every single stinkin’ day. [Read more…]

Work It Wednesday {6.24.15}


Welcome back for week 2 of the Work It Wednesday linky, hosted by Katie over at Queen of the First Grade Jungle. What a great idea…giving me a place to check-in, midweek, for accountability on that elusive ‘lose-weight-get-fit’ promise I always make at the end of every school year. Let’s start where we left off [Read more…]

Made It Monday {6.22.15}: Fitness Planner Edition


Ahhh, summer…finally! It’s been raining something awful here in Ohio this past week, keeping us all indoors and in the doldrums. We need sunshine! Fortunately, today delivered…at least for the time being. There are still lots of clouds in the sky and lots of hours in the day to get through. Soak it up while [Read more…]

Get Fit Friday {6.19.15}


Another week in the books…slow down, summer! We’re just getting started and June seems to be almost over. Boo! The good news is that I’m starting to get into a healthier groove than I ended the school year with. My every day may not be perfect, but as long as I’m making progress, I’ll take [Read more…]

Work It Wednesday {6.17.15}


Can I tell you how excited I was last week to surf across this great linky started by Katie over at Queen of the First Grade Jungle?  I’m excited for several reasons–I love when teachers come together to make their personal lives better, to connect with people doing what I want to do more of, [Read more…]